Marketing For Small Business

How It Works

01. Consult & Plan

MyGen helps develop a playbook on your small business SEO, Brand Strategy, Consumer Engagement, and Competitor Analysis.

02. Optimize Website

Using tools and experiments to improve the performance of your website, drive traffic, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

03. Train Staff

Training on the task and marketing tools needed to run the digital marketing of your small business.

04. Support & Grow

Ongoing online tech support to help your small business in branding, advertising, design, and marketing plan.

It’s Time To
Grow Online 
With In-House Marketing

The MyGen Guarantee

MyGen Marketing helps to align your online presence and digital marketing knowledge with your goals and objectives. This approach is a work-with-you to help clarify your online brand and close the gap on getting your message to the right people.  Our clients gain clarity into their marketing initiatives while producing more leads, sales, and revenue for their business.

MyGen Delivers:


Competitor Audit


Keyword Research


Digital Organic Growth


Optimized Website


Done-With-You Training


Update Own Website


Run Own Ads


Run Own Reporting

Client Comments

"Helped our business immensely! Had to restructure our business model to keep up with the demand - thanks to his growth strategy. Highly recommend MyGen!"

Chris D.

"Working with MyGen Marketing has been the best! Jimmy is incredibly professional and responsive. The quality of work we receive is phenomenal. HIGHLY recommend 10/10!"

Katie V.

"MyGen Marketing has been very helpful in growing our business through an online presence, very knowledge and responsive."

Dee R.

"Easy to work with and eager to optimize - MyGen Marketing helps get results! Jimmy not only helps articulate the intense world of digital marketing in understandable fashion, but also approaches strategy with the best client-outcome in mind."

Lydia K.

"Best marketing firm with the highest quality customer service. Professional and personable. My business has grown exponentially from this business and service. Thank you Jimmy!"

Stacey R.

"Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Already seeing positive results after implementing MyGen's strategies!"

Haley R.

"MyGen has done outstanding work for our organization. Very responsive. Can't imagine using anyone else."

Scott A.

"MyGen Marketing goes above and beyond in their knowledge and hands-on approach to build and maintain strong and optimized branding on the web! What a difference they have made to our small business!"

Sierra M.